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Individual Nutrition is an exciting new company to help people enjoy nutritious meals and meet their health goals without the hassle of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning themselves. Customers will be able to choose the meal plan that best fits their needs with weekly pick up at convenient locations and relatively inexpensive options. Meals will be made fresh weekly and packaged individually with a rotating menu that uses fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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Katie Dague // Owner & Operator Katie is co-partner of Individual Nutrition, mother to Emma and a puppy named Remi, and a wife to husband Matt. Katie and her family are constantly hiking and exploring to find new and exciting things. She enjoys snowboarding and grappling in her free time, and of course, hitting the gym. They also enjoy traveling, fishing, and hunting! Katie's interest in fitness began when she started boxing in 2007 and grappling in 2013. Her health and nutrition were vital in competitions and in meeting weight at weigh-ins. Studying nutrition and proper eating habits helped her become very insightful on how important it is that everyone take care of their bodies which is why she wants to help others have easier access to nutritious meals at an affordable price!

Tracy Doughty-Rosas // Owner & Operator Tracy is co-partner of Individual Nutrition, a mother to Thaen and Ada, and a wife to Luke! She loves to be outside with her family from hiking and sightseeing to biking (my husband and kids) do horseback riding! They also enjoy traveling, particularly road trips! Tracy's interest in fitness/nutrition came after being challenged to get fit with her husband! Her goal was to compete in a fitness/bodybuilding competition. So, after being on a fairly strict diet and workout schedule from January 2018 to competition time in May 2018, Tracy walked that stage for the very first time! She may not have won, but it gave her the fitness and healthy lifestyle bug. Tracy is currently building but plans to compete again in 2019!