Local Business, Individual Nutrition, Rises-Up to Give Back During COVID-19

Local Business, Individual Nutrition, Rises-Up to Give Back During COVID-19

March 27, 2020 no comments individualnutrition Categories News

(Duluth, Minnesota) – With the recent coronavirus outbreak, Katie Dague, Owner/Operator of Individual Nutrition has found multiple ways to give back to Duluth’s neighbors in need.

The company is currently taking nominations to provide groceries for local families in need.

“Whether they lost their income or are just unable to leave their house due to age or immune-deficiency, we’re taking requests from a nominated family, heading to the store, and fulfilling their list to the best of our ability,” stated Dague.

Katie wants to encourage the community, if they know of someone in need during this time of crisis who would benefit from this act of kindness, to reach out to their team. Nominations can be emailed to the Individual Nutrition team at individualnutrition@gmail.com. Although she cannot get to every family in need, she wants to do her part and positively impact as many individuals as possible. 

Individual Nutrition is also offering free delivery to the many healthcare workers that are fighting the virus front-line and keeping us safe. The hard work and dedication of our doctors, nurses, paramedics, and others have allowed 100,000+ people around the world to recover thus far. Dague stated, “For individuals in the healthcare field, self-isolation is not an option. We owe them a great debt for all they’ve done during this outbreak.” If you’re a healthcare worker, please email individualnutrition@gmail.com for an exclusive promo code. 

In addition to giving away groceries at no charge to many families in need and offering a discount to healthcare workers, this Sunday Individual Nutrition will begin offering family meals for a limited time. These family meals are hand-crafted with the same fresh ingredients used for their meal plans. Entrees for a family of four can be purchased at $26, for a family of six at $39, and for a family of eight at $52. Meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep, to encourage social-distancing. Meals can be purchased from their website, 218nutrition.com, or you can contact their team by email at individualnutrition@gmail.com